Hemi-demi-semi by Richard Couzins, 04|11|02 – 02|01|03.

Couzins presented a unique, short QuickTime movie loop each day for the 30 days of the project's duration. Click here to view stills from Hemi-demi-semi.

Hemi-demi-semi refers to the smallest rhythmical interval in musical notation; the hemi-demi-semi quaver. In this project, Couzins employed an economy of means using a minimum of frames in his movies. Objects and maxims animated and looped on the computer screen, transient collages that were overwritten each day by a new movie sequence. These works had a raw diaristic quality, being made near to release; 'hot off the press'.

Couzins lives and work in London. He has exhibited in the UK, Europe and the USA.

For more information read the Hemi-semi-demi press release.