"Consisting of Periodically Repeating Identical Units" by Hadas Kedar and Alex Schady, 01|02|04 – 18|04|04.

The basis of this project was an evolving on-line conversation between the artists. This conversation referenced and contributed to the development of the visual elements of the work. Slide shows, juxtaposing the artists' own works with art historical references, and QuickTime Movies were regularly updated on the site as the text developed.

Kedar and Schady have been making artworks together for four years and are based respectively in Tel Aviv and London. Their collaborations evolve from instructions that they email back and forth to each other. Previous works and the documentation of these, serve as the raw material for each new project. "Consisting of Periodically Repeating Identical Units" was their first online work.

For more information see the press release.