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Every day for five weeks, Deignan and Goodwin emailed a password protected link to a personalised gift to one of the addresses from the Variablemedia emailing list. Each gift was a 800 x 600 pixel colour typographic image featuring the identity portion of the email address it was sent to.

Each image was made by creating a digital layout, printing this out and tracing this onto layout paper. This was then hand coloured, scanned and saved as a JPEG digital image. The file was then uploaded to the server for the recipient to download. The recipient was given instructions on setting the image as a desktop picture.

The website was updated daily by adding a thumbnail image of that day's template. Only the chosen email recipient was offered the opportunity to view and download the full sized final image. The site indicated whether confirmation of an images downloading was sent to Deignan and Goodwin by it's recipient.

* We endevour to make it as easy as possible to 'unsubscribe' from the Variablemedia list and are careful to suppress recipient addresses on mailouts to prevent any 'harvesting' of email addresses.
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