Twinned With by Cliona Harmey, 22nd June - 17th August 2004. [An archived version of our this project can now be found at]

This project began with a series of photographic images taken by the artist along a walking route through an Irish coastal town; the small town she grew up in. They are presented in sequence, each one a clickable link to the next in the journey. The images have been created using a matchbox camera obsura attached to the lens of a digital video camera. This process of analogue filtering digital, obfuscates image detail, creating temporal vistas, which could be attributed to a multitude of places.

During the 40-day project, Harmey regularly replaced a number of images in the sequence with similar photographs, images which copy the original compositions, taken whilst making journey’s through other locations. By applying processes of repetition, replication and remixing to the original photographic narrative, she alluded to an experience of memory, one in which details, times and places can be rewritten according to the present.

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