"Every Environment is Text-Rich #4" by Brooke A. Knight, 02|11|03 – 31|01|04.

See the World, all at once, in one image, live...

Filtering live webcam images and texts through database programming "Every Environment is Text-Rich #4" elaborated on Brooke's investigations through digital media of visual and textual interpretations of landscape.

The project used live webcam images selected from personal 'cams submitted by viewers and other sources. New webcam image sources and their descriptions were added to the site's database throughout the duration of the project.

Viewers were presented with a series of text descriptions; each one relating to a particular webcam feed. The viewer selected multiple feeds. The corresponding webcam images were dynamically loaded to form a live stream that transposed all the chosen feeds into one image.

Started on the 2nd of November 2003 this project developed over a three month period at The project continues at For more information please read the press release.

Every Environment is Text-Rich #4 featured additional programing by Michael Mittelman and drawings by Jayne Karolow.