For Immediate Release, November 3rd, 2002


Variablemedia is pleased to announce 'Hemi-demi-semi' a new project by the artist Richard Couzins.Starting November 4th at, Couzins presents a unique, short QuickTime movie loop each day for the 30 days of this projects run.

Hemi-demi-semi refers to the smallest rhythmical interval in musical notation; the hemi-demi-semi quaver. In this project, Couzins employs an economy of means using a minimum of frames in his movies. Objects and maxims animate and loop on the computer screen, transient collages that are overwritten each day by a new movie sequence. These works will have a raw diaristic quality, being made near to release; 'hot off the press'.

Richard Couzins makes work concerned with language and language systems. He brings together an assortment of displaced objects and phrases, highlighting the uncertain nature of relationships between things and the strangeness of everyday events. His work oscillates between overstatement and understatement, with a complex layering of metaphor and humour.

Couzins lives and work in London. He has exhibited in the UK, Europe and the USA. Group exhibitions include Feeringbury VI (Feeringbury Manor, Essex), More Light More Power (Annexed, London), Jibby Beane (Gramercy International Art Fair, New York), Actual Size (Overgaden, Copenhagen) plus one person shows at the Hoxton Distillery and Tram Depot Galleries in London. His work will feature in The Golden Age of Shoreditch show at the Hoxton Distillery, opening on the 22nd of this month.


An artilcle about Couzin's work in Danish magazine Katalog here:

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