Os_anm by Slateford, 03|01|03 – 06|04|03

Os_anm is a lo-resolution pixel animation tool (programmed in Java). It is partly inspired by the proto-digital media of teletext. The tool combines drawing functions, playback and its own scripting language.

Slateford provided the tool, the visitors to variablemedia provided the content. Animations created on os_anm were stored in an online database. New animations could be created, existing ones viewed, added to, or 're-mixed'.

Slateford are Simon Yuill (Scotland) and Tryggve Askildsen (Norway). They have never met. Their work is produced through online collaboration. It derives from their common love of old-school coding and an interest in exploring its aesthetics through contemporary computer media. All slateford works are black and white.

Slateford are continuing to develop os_anm - more details can be found at their own site

For more information and links see the Os_anm press release.