MENE, TEKEL, PERES. W. by Edward Dorrian began at on the 19th of August and ran until 10th October 2004.

"In 1988 Hugh and I moved into a flat on Warwick Road in Earls Court, London. Two rooms that, according to the agent, were 'not fit for a dog'. We were being leased them cheaply for a year, while the new owners decided what to do with it. We tossed a coin to decide who got the better room. I lost. [...] Rubbish and personal effects lay strewn across the floors. In amongst the crap, was a long hand written letter, by a woman, to the previous occupant of the flat…"

During his eight week residency, Dorrian translated this text, letter by letter, into a series of musical elements using the audio composition software, Garage Band. This music, combined with text characters in Flash, was regularly uploaded to the site.

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