Variablemedia Press Release 09
For Immediate Release 30th October 2003

Every Environment is Text-Rich #4 by Brooke A. Knight
From 2nd November 2003 at

Variablemedia is pleased to announce it's forthcoming project "Every Environment is Text-Rich #4" by the artist Brooke A. Knight. Starting on the 2nd of November at this project will expand and develop over a three month period. Filtering live webcam images and texts through database programming "Every Environment is Text-Rich #4" will elaborate on Brooke's investigations through digital media of visual and textual interpretations of landscape.

This project will use live webcam images selected from personal 'cams submitted by viewers and other sources. Those submitting their webcam's feed will be asked to point their 'cam "out the window" capturing the environment which forms the backdrop to where they live or work. Submissions should also include a short text, describing this captured landscape.

Visitors to will be presented with a series of text descriptions, each one relating to a particular web cam feed. The viewer will select multiple feeds. The corresponding webcam images will be dynamically loaded to form a live stream that transposes all the chosen feeds into one image. New webcam image sources and their descriptions will be consistently added to the site's database.

"Every Environment is Text-Rich #4 " will exploit chance compositions and juxtapositions. Whilst images of multiple global locations will be experienced simultaneously, the process of layering introduces a degree of abstraction to the source material, frustrating easy experiences of identification or recognition. Exploring the inherent gaps in our perception of language and image this project has developed from Brooke's continuing interest in the mediating structures used to convey experiences of environment.

Brooke A. Knight is an American artist, based in Boston in the USA. He has participated in several recent exhibitions, including "What I Did on My Summer Vacation", (Athens Institute for Contemporary Art Virtual Gallery Athens, Georgia), "UnCopyright", (Black Lab Gallery, Seattle, Washington), "Territories", (ArtSpace, New Haven, Connecticut and Hamburg, Germany), and a solo exhibition at Boring Art ( Brooke is an Assistant Professor of New Media, at Emerson College, Boston.

Variablemedia was created by artists Michelle Deignan and Simon Goodwin as an Internet space for artists to explore process and temporality. The site hosts a continuing series of artists' 'site specific'web projects. Artists occupy the site's space for a period of between one and three months. This space is available for them to change, update and add to during their 'residency'.


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