Variablemedia Press Release 11
For Immediate Release 18th April 2004

by the artist Simon Goodwin.
Starts 19th April 2004 at
Further information at

Variablemedia is pleased to announce it's latest residency "top_40" by the artist, musican and DJ Simon Goodwin. Beginning on the 19th of April 2004 this 40 day project will be updated daily at Every day of the project, Goodwin is making a recording of a piece of music from his personal collection, using in-ear binaural microphones. These microphones effectively record what the artist hears live, the music plus the incidental noises, movements and conversations in the space at the time of recording. After converting the day's recording into an mp3 file, it is uploaded to; available for listening or download until the next day's recording replaces it.

The places that the music is recorded in and the sound systems that the music is recorded from will vary during the project. The website will detail the time, date and location of each recording as well as the title and performer of the featured music. When the project is completed all tracks from Goodwin's "top_40" will be made available via one of the on-line file sharing networks. For the most effective experience of the artist's personal space, these recordings are best listened to using stereo headphones.
Although all of the pieces of music featured in this project are 'owned' by Goodwin, he is infringing copyright law by distributing any recordings that incorporate them. The ease of high quality reproduction and distribution of digital media versus the controls and protections offered by various national copyright laws is an issue effecting all consumers and producers. Through this project Goodwin casts himself in the roles of both producer of the artwork and consumer of the music. "top_40" engages with the popular, and predominately male practise, of compiling lists of favourites from media products such as music, films, and books. Sharing these lists with others is often viewed as expression
and marker of taste personal history and personality. Being a musican and DJ as well an an artist, Goodwin can be seen as having a particular investment in making his choices public. His disclosure of these sonic preferences is made more revealing as the recordings include his personal experience of experiencing the music. "top_40" invites us to share in the authenticity of the artist's listening experience, his distractions, interactions and distractedness.

Simon Goodwin lives and works in London. He has participated in numerous projects and exhibitions in Europe and the UK including: '', Hoxton Distillery, London; 'Park 4DTV', Salto Channel, Amsterdam; 'Actual Size', Overgaden, Copenhagen; 'Drive-by', Photospin, The Photographers Gallery, London; 'Travelogue', Travelling Gallery, Scotland. He is one half of the electronic music duo Manilla and one half of the Variablemedia team. Simon will be exhibiting work at the forthcoming exhibition 'The Last Supper' at the Hoxton Distillery
during May 2004.


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