For immediate release January 12th 2003:



Variablemedia is pleased to announce it's latest project, os_anm by slateford. Started January 3rd 2003 os_anm will be hosted for three months at

Os_anm is a lo-resolution pixel animation tool (programmed in Java). It is partly inspired by the proto-digital media of teletext. The tool combines drawing functions, playback and its own scripting language. Slateford provide the tool, the visitors to variablemedia provide the content. Animations created on os_anm are stored in an online database. New animations can be created, existing ones viewed, added to, or 're-mixed'.

Os_anm is open source prototype software. Currently os_anm operates in an online environment. Slateford have decided to use their residency at to develop a standalone version of the software. Updates to os_anm will be posted to the site. The source code for each update will be freely available, as will the final software when complete. A development kit to help others develop their own variations and additions to the core system will also be made available. Progress in the project development will be reflected in changes to the Java applet on the site. New functionality will be added to this to demonstrate and test developments in the main software. Info on the software development, along with source code downloads and the developer's kit, can be found in the 'development' section of the variablemedia project site.

Os_anm is currently suitable for: Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux, or Windows 98/NT/2000. Windows XP users will need to upgrade to the latest Service Pack.

Slateford are Simon Yuill (Scotland) and Tryggve Askildsen (Norway). They have never met. Their work is produced through online collaboration. It derives from their common love of old-school coding and an interest in exploring its aesthetics through contemporary computer media. All slateford works are black and white. Slateford are supported by Lipparosa. Lipparosa is a code repository for speculative software and theoretical codeworks. It was set up by Simon Yuill in November 2002.

" - we are making old-time code - we live in a grey world - we hope for the future but enjoy today - sometimes we do not know why we do what we do - it works for us - we hope it works for you - "
slateford, 2002.

Variablemedia was created by artists Michelle Deignan and Simon Goodwin as an Internet space for artists to explore place, process and temporality. The site hosts a continuing series of artists' "site specific" web projects. Artists occupy the site's space for a period of between one and three months. This space is available for them to change, update and add to during their project's run.

New Media Scotland are currently hosting another slateford project called 'greylines 00-06', a series of interactive code-doodles exploring simple graphical ideas. The project is presented as part of New Media Scotland's HOST commissions and launched on 15th December 2002.

'greylines 00-06' at New Media Scotland:
slateford web-site:
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For downloadable images from the Greylines project click here. Images are available on disc on request.