For Immediate Release July 1, 2002

My Voice in Your Head

Variablemedia is pleased to announce 'My Voice in Your Head' by Edward Dorrian and Sally Morfill, with Alex Schady. Starting on the 7th of July at, this new work is a ten-part serialized story, which will be updated weekly.

My Voice in Your Head makes simple use of the architecture of a browser window. The user navigates through a series of linked pages displaying a frame by frame video sequence. This sequence shows an actor hearing and subsequently reciting the lines of a story. Each web page contains a single video frame and each page title displays a full sentence from the same story. Reviewing the full sequence of page titles via a browser’s History function makes apparent the text of a whole episode.

Site structure, navigation and the nature of the 'performance' combine in fracturing the temporal experience of the narrative. The variance in download times of the web page structure (page title) and content (video still) amplify the disjunction between the breadth of information provided by image and text.
This work is the second collaboration between Edward Dorrian and Sally Morfill following Valse, a video piece shown earlier this year as part of Silence and Darkness at Outline, Amsterdam.

Dorrian is co-director of the artist run gallery Five Years. He has exhibited in the UK and Europe. Shows include Estate (Howden House, Scotland); Resolute (Platform, London); On Boredom (ICA, London); United in Death (Cambridge Darkroom, Cambridge). Morfill has also exhibited in both Europe and the UK. Shows include Estate (Howden House, Scotland); Relatives (Anna Bornholt Gallery, London; European Couples (Transmission Gallery, Glasgow); Between Sense and Place (Winchester Gallery, Winchester); I'm Wary (in collaboration with Mary Maclean, Five Years, London). Both artists live and work in London.

London based was created by artists Michelle Deignan and Simon Goodwin in 2001 to explore place, process, temporality and artistic practice. Variablemedia is co-ordinating a series of artists' web projects made specifically for their site. Artists occupy the site's space for a period of between one and three months. This empty space is available for them to change, update and add to during their project's run. presents the artists' work in an unmediated form; all explanatory material and archives are held here at the site.


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