Variablemedia Press Release 10
For Immediate Release 1st February 2004

Variablemedia is pleased to announce it's latest residency "Consisting of Periodically Repeating Identical Units" by the artists Hadas Kedar and Alex Schady. Beginning 1st of February 2004 this project will develop online at over a two month period.

Kedar and Schady have been making artworks together for four years and are based respectively in Tel Aviv and London. Their collaborations evolve from instructions that they email back and forth to each other. Previous works and the documentation of these, serve as the raw material for each new project. Working instinctively with multiple elements such as video, photography, installation and performance, their projects are focused on processes of research, construction and collaboration. "Consisting of Periodically Repeating Identical Units" is their first online work.

The basis of this project is a semi fictionalized online conversation. Beginning with their discussion about the structure of the site, the artists' may eventually take on the role of other characters who are familiar with their collaborative work. Through these playful conversations an analysis of Kedar and Schady's artistic practise so far will evolve. Art histories and personal histories, facts and fictions, problems and possible solutions will all be addressed within the text. The conversation will also reference and contribute to the development of the visual elements of the work. Slide shows, juxtaposing their own images with art historical references, and QuickTime Movies will be regularily updated on the site as the text narrative develops.

Hadas Keder and Alex Schady make both solo and collaborative artworks. They have exhibited their collaborative work across Europe. Recent exhibitions include "Woken by a greenish light", (Luftraum, Franfurt); "Found 5 Diss St", (ifa Gallery, Bonn); "Everything must go", Cable Street Gallery, London; "Xmas", Outline Gallery, Amstrerdam; "On the Way to Timbuktoo", ifa gallery, Berlin; "They protected their ankles with cardboard boxes", (Five Years, London).

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