For Immediate Release June 10 2003


John Paul Bichard
Richard Couzins
Michelle Deignan
Edward Dorrian
Simon Goodwin
Cliona Harmey
Dennis McNulty
Sally Morfill

The Hoxton Distillery, 70 Hoxton Street, London N1
Sound performance and launch 7pm 19th June
Exhibition open from 2pm-6pm on 20th, 21st and 22nd June

Variablemedia is pleased to announce VM.01 at the Hoxton Distillery gallery London from the 19th until the 22nd of June. Marking a year of on-line artists’ residencies at, VM.01 will both present and elaborate on all 6 of the first years on-line projects. The site has hosted artists based in England, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. Some regularly make work for the Internet, for others their Variablemedia project was their first on-line work. These website projects will be presented on computers in the gallery space alongside new and related works by all of the involved artists, most made specifically for this exhibition. These works encompass a wide spectrum of media including drawings, digital prints, video and audio. Some artworks will be available in multiples, for visitors to take away for free.

VM.01 begins on the evening of the 19th of June at 7pm with a live sound performance in the exhibition space by audio artist and musician Dennis McNulty. McNulty collaborated with visual artist Cliona Harmey on the inaugural project at SeaPoint. Using a computer based instrument he is currently developing he will incorporate audio elements of this work with recordings of his journey from Dublin, Ireland to the gallery on the day of the event creating a sonic vapour trail to link the two cities. Documentation of his performance will subsequently form part of the exhibition. Current Variablemedia resident, artist, writer and games designer John Paul Bichard will be giving a talk at the Hoxton Distillery about his project ‘Staying in to Play’ (on-line now at at 3pm on Sunday 22nd June.

Variablemedia seeks to break down boundaries between fine-art and “ art” practices and audiences. While addressing the internet as a potent and particular creative space through the online projects, VM.01 integrates and contextualises art made specifically for the internet with other contemporary art practices. With the web projects there is an emphasis on ‘on-site’ development; each project must change and develop during the residency period. Though democratic and easily accessible for the public a virtual space can be a lonely one to reside in as an artist. VM.01, Variablemedia’s first gallery based event, will enable the artist’s and the public to see these projects both in relation to each other and to the artists’ wider concerns.

The site presents the current artist’s project directly to the public, without an interface imposed by Variablemedia. A separate site; provides explanatory material about current and past projects, links to past projects and documentation or archives of those. After VM.01 remaining archived projects will be removed from the Variablemedia server, leaving only the descriptions of the works and links, where such exists, to their new location. VM.01 represents a last chance to see some of the work produced in Variablemedia’s first year of residencies.

Variablemedia is delighted that a number of the projects originally conceived for the .org site have continued to evolve after the artists’ residency. Os_anm by Slateford (Simon Yuill and Tryggve Askildsen) the fifth Variablemedia project has continued its online development with a commission by Montevideo in Amsterdam . This version 2 extends the pixel animation software’s capabilities to manipulate live video streams.