For Our Public

Thursday 29 November 2013, 4pm
The Museum of Modern Art

A screening programme of artists' moving image work at The Museum of Modern Art in Ljubliana with Support from Galerija Škuc, Ljubljana. The programme considered the discursive and performative spaces intentionally and unintentionally manifest through design and architecture. The works in the screening were '111-119 Generalisimo/Castellana', 2012, Patrica Esquivias (VE/ES); 'User Group Disco', 2009, Elizabeth Price (UK); 'Walk Through', 2012, Redmond Entwhistle (UK/US); '10 seconds or greater', 2009, Rachel Reupke(UK) and 'Framing the Space', 2012, Jasmina Cibic (SL/UK).


Past, Partial, Present

Thursday 13th October, 2012, 5-7pm
Maria Stenfors
Unit 4
21 Wren Street
London WC1X 0HF

A conversation about the potentiality of partial and subjective histories and narratives with;

Gavin Wade, artist and curator and founding director of Eastside Projects, Birmingham. His recent projects include Narrative Show, a five act exhibition.
Uriel Orlow, an artist known for his multi-media installations that take specific locations and events as starting points. His work is being exhibited at the swiss Pavilion/54th Venice bienniale.
Dr. Emily Mark Fitzgerald, a lecturer at University College Dublin. She publishes and speaks on the subjects of public art, memory and commemoration, and contemporary art.
Michelle Deignan, artist and founder of Moody.


Side Story

Saturday 15th October, 2011, 12pm
Maria Stenfors
Unit 4
21 Wren Street
London WC1X 0HF

A screening of artists' moving image works that consider what happens on the edge of a semi-fictional universe.

Annie Davey, Kejev House, 3 min, loop x 2, 2010
Gerard Byrne, Figures (Some analogies surveyed, and organized into concrete poetry and conceptual film forms, on dates between 2001-2011), 9 min, 2001-2011
Alexandra Navratil, Portrait over 30m, 2 min, 2008
Paul Rooney, La Decision Doypack, 27 min, 2008
Michael Maziere, Actor, 10 min, 2010


Trajector Art Fair

Moody's first project was a presentation of artworks by eight artists at Trajector Art Fair, Brussels, 2010: Cormac Browne, Jasmina Cibic, Martin Fletcher/Systems House, Cliona Harmey, William Hunt, Tom Molloy and Suzanne Mooney

Trajector is situated in the city centre located Hotel Bloom and each curatorial project or gallery exhibits their selection of works in separate bedrooms. The rented hotel room promises it's occupants a temporary space of remove. The opportunities to role play, plan, contemplate or fantasise are embedded within this space of relative anonymity. In the 2008 Argentinian film, 'Historias Extraordinarias' directed by Mariano Llinás the character 'X' retreats into hiding for months on end to a single hotel room after witnessing a murder and stealing a briefcase from the scene of the crime. Throughout his fear fuelled time in this one room, he distracts himself from the evidence at his disposal, the locked briefcase, by concocting stories and conspiracy theories extrapolated from what he sees through his window and learns from the daily news. 'X' inhabits his own comprehension of what is known and what is concealed, melding the personal with the general, outside with inside, past with present, facts with fantasy. It is these amalgamations that resonated throughout the artworks in Moody's exhibition at Trajector 2010 as the private hotel spaces were for one weekend, made public.