Journey to an absolute vantage point
2 channel HD video installation 6 mins 13 secs loop, 2009.

'Journey to an absolute vantage point', a two channel high definition video installation. One side of a hanging projection screen shows a black and white single shot film of three musicians playing a commissioned piece of music. On the other side of the screen a film, edited to the musicians music, depicts images from the gardens around Schloss Charlottenburg in Berlin. The film's voiceover, spoken in English by a German actress, describes a meeting between a man and a woman whose goal it is to exchange information for unrevealed purposes. Part romance, part spy film, part documentary, this combination of film genres are fused with references to other artists and art works including Caspar David Friedrich, Beethoven and Alain Renais' 'Last Year at Marienbad'. The relationship between music, images and word shift and collide as clich├ęd sentiment and dramatic tension build the narrative around these characters that are never seen. After a pivotal moment in the story we trace back to the story's origins and the drama is dispersed and word, music and image begin again.

Installation view in group exhibition 'Onierography', Green on Red Gallery, Dublin, 2010.

Installation view in solo exhibition 'Posing as a subject amongst subjects', Maria Stenfors, London, 2011.

Voice: Nikola Krastner
Original Music Soundtrack: Michael Fleming
Violin: Cora Venus Lunny

Cello: Arun Rao
Piano: Conor Linehan

Lighting: Deirdre Noonan

Film Grade: Perry Gibbs
With support from Artquest/ACAVA Berlin Residency Award, The Elephant Trust, The Arts Council of Ireland

© Michelle Deignan 2009