Red Cheeks
Single channel digital video, 9 mins 26 secs, 2006.

Red Cheeks presents itself as a tour of Irish institutions found in London: the RTE office at Millbank, the site of Irish Contemporary Art, and the London Irish Women’s Centre. The presenter herself is Irish and she performs her tour earnestly whilst disrupting the structure with a series of anecdotes about the artist. At the RTE location, we are told about the artist’s first British television appearance; at The London Irish Women’s centre we hear about Deignan’s altercation with a blind elderly racist and at the possibly fictitious site of Irish Contemporary Art we hear about the artist’s interaction with an artwork at Freize Art Fair.

Actor: Grainne Gillis
Cameraperson: Paul Jefferies
Sound Recordist: Tim Spencer
© Michelle Deignan 2006