Ways to Speculate
Single channel HD video, 3 mins 44 secs, 2014.

Ways to Speculate explores quests for the ideal in art and life and faith in the potential of the future. Actual and virtual simulacra of historical European buildings, monuments and recreational spaces are presented in the context of a tumultuous and fluctuating sonic landscape. Two voices are intercut across the film one quoting lyrics from Kraftwerk’s Europe Endless (1977) the other performing excerpts from the introduction to the sci-fi novel, “The Mummy: A Tale of the Twenty Second Century” by Jane Webb Loudon (1827). Within an uncanny vision of past and present, a progressive and unstable future is proposed where past dramas can easily be re-enacted.

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Voices: Andrew Glenn, Nikola Krastner
Animation: Alan Warburton
Music: Manilla
© Michelle Deignan 2014