Our Land
Single channel digital video, 13 mins 4 secs, 2008.

Filmed in St Anne’s Park a former Guinness family estate in Dublin, Ireland, two actors report to camera speaking facts and fictions mixed with speculation. They intertwine historical information about the location with rumours about the artist, ruminations on romanticism and art with stories about murder, mysticism, war and football. Drawing specific attention to their own roles in the film, they also make references to their own British Asian ethnicity, the use of accents in cinema and the auditioning process for the film itself. At the closing of the video, both actors convene at a window in the new artist studio complex in the park. They appear to leave the script, and their tone of objectivity behind, abandoning the third person as they argue about their perception of the scene before them.


Performance: Anil Kumar, Sunita Shroff
Camera/Lighting: Deirdre Noonan, Michael Doyle
© Michelle Deignan 2008