A Glimpse of Common Territory
Single channel HD video, 8 minutes 47 seconds, 2015

A Glimpse of Common Territory imagines the form, characters and narrative of a historical novel leaking into the present. The book "The Mummy: a Tale of the Twenty First Century" (Jane Webb Loudon, 1827), is a melodramatic tale of power, love and heroism within a future England that is politically complex and technologically innovative. As the film unfolds, a selection of text from the novel ushers in two of the book's primary characters. Aware of their status as mere dramatis personae, they negotiate a new kind of order for them and their dominion. Collapsing time and movement, fact and fiction, the film is set in and around the iconic National Lift Tower, a 127 metre tower that once functioned as part of a factory in the centre of England.

Select play for two minute film excerpt:

Actors: Anthony Pinnick and Charlotte Gallagher
Cinematographer: Jonathan Harvey
Sound Recordist: Rupert Philips
Stills Photographer: Ben Gregory Ring
Colourist: Sue Giovanni
Original Music Composition: Michael Fleming
© Michelle Deignan 2015