Il Cittadino
Single channel digital video, 8 mins 46 secs, 2007.

In Il Cittadino (The Citizen) past experiences in Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy provides the narrative backdrop to a rumination on national identity, citizenship and the state. Speaking in english with an italian accent an actor presents the narrative at series of connected locations in the italian province. Her words meander almost inappropriately from the humorously confessional to the directly political flowing from ski resorts, Irish themed pubs, Northern Ireland, British pop artist Richard Hamilton to rendition by the CIA. Desolate locations and an atmospheric soundtrack frame the actor’s self-conscious style of delivery. But the authority of her presentation is called into question with the inclusion of reverse-shot over her shoulder as we see her speaking and gesturing to an absent audience.

Actor: Giulia Innocenti
Cameraperson: Jim Leishman
© Michelle Deignan 2007