Assumed Position
Single channel digital video, 5 mins 18 secs, 2005.

Assumed Position consciously frames the act of photographing as a performance, framing it as a dramatic device to examine the interpretation and contextualisation of image capture. In it the artist assumes the role of a street photographer being filmed as she takes photographic portraits of passersby by at a fixed location. This is St Mary’s Axe part of London’s oldest financial district and the site of a significant IRA bomb attack in 1992. Dressed in a costume to blend into the office workers environment we witness her placate the public, shifting roles in order to take the images she wants without any altercation. While watching the artist’s performance we hear an english male news reporter reading paragraphs from a press release, text from an imagined exhibition of the photographs being taken.


Voice Over: Alistair McKie
Camera: Tim Spencer, Ursula Mayer, Wrik Mead

Online Editor: Sue Giovanni
Sound Mix: Athanasios Argianas

Michelle Deignan 2005