Single channel digital video, 24 mins 38 secs, 2001.

'15:1' is a reconstruction of a television quiz show, without the set, contestants, compere, lighting design or questions. Filmed in the same London TV studio, as the original programme, the soundtrack is constructed from the recordings made in the space alongside the images. The televisual structure, which created the illusion of a continuous narrative here becomes a framing device for the incidental.


"Deignan’s work can also be read as an attempt to preserve aspects of
television that, precisely because of their ubiquity, are likely to be forgotten.
Fifteen to One was cancelled in the UK in 2003 and, when viewed with the benefit of hindsight, 15:1 seems to anticipate this event through the preservation of material traces of the production process. Deignan shot her reconstruction in the same London TV studios used for the quiz show, and the soundtrack is constructed from audio recordings made in this location. While the studio initiallyappears to be empty, there are many material traces of the production, most obviously in the form of blue drapes covering the studio walls and white markers on the floor, where the lecterns would presumably be placed. The lighting rig still hangs from the ceiling and two television cameras, covered with protective cloth hoods, stand idle. Voices of studio workers can also be heard at times and midway through the work two men suddenly pass by Deignan’s camera, deep in conversation and presumably unaware that the show’s fifteen-year run was coming to an end."

from the 2012 essay: ‘Cinematic Space, Televisual Time and Contemporary Art’, by Maeve Connolly published in Critical Quarterly, Volume 54, Issue 3, 31-45.

© Michelle Deignan 2001