124 part animation for Bus-tops, public art project, London, 2012.

‘Revolution’ is an episodic text piece written in the style of a film script which was exhibited across London over the period of one month, May 2012. Each day the new episodes animated, as if type written live, across ten bespoke LED bus-top screens on top of Bus shelters. These episodes were self-contained, describing often prosaic and occasionally dramatic fictional events. The text was rendered in courier, a font synonymous with film and television scripts. The complete script, with written camera directions, music cues, character descriptions and dialogue, describes an art critic's experiences as he takes multiple journeys across London to see a public artwork.

‘Revolution’ considers the bus as both a film set and a camera. Top deck views give the passenger the ultimate vantage point for an imagined narrative, connecting the unfolding mini dramas in and outside the bus. Simultaneously, images of the ebb and flow of passengers are continuously captured via security cameras, potential material for later inclusion in another constructed narrative. The script's episodes operated as potential insertions or digressions to the many stories that are evolving daily on the buses.

Documentation of Revolution, 47 mins.

Installation view in Dalston, London 2012.