Moody is artist Michelle Deignan’s most recent curatorial project. Founded in 2010, Moody takes the form of nomadic exhibitions, and events. Recent projects include:

'This Fanciful Digression
Black Maria, Central St. Martin's, London
A 90 minute screening of artists' moving image works and performance screened at Black Maria, a Richard Wentworth and GRUPPE project. The programme is Michelle Deignan and Carmen Billows’ first curatorial collaboration. Featuring work by collectif_fact, Michelle Deignan, Nooshin Farhid, Patrick Goddard, Hannah Jones, Rabih Mroué, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Michael Robinson, Mel Brimfield, Matthew Stock and Stefan Sulzer, the programme is an unpredictable associative journey through places, plots and characters.

'For Our Public
The Museum of Modern Art, Ljubliana.
An hour's screening programme of artists' moving image work considering the discursive and performative spaces intentionally and unintentionally manifest through design and architecture. This was screened was support by Galerija Škuc, Ljubljana.
111-119 Generalisimo/Castellana', Patrica Esquivias (VE/ES), 2012.
'User Group Disco', Elizabeth Price (UK), 2009.
'Walk Through', Redmond Entwhistle (UK/US), 2012.
'10 seconds or greater', Rachel Reupke(UK) 2009.
 'Framing the Space', Jasmina Cibic (SL/UK), 2012. 

Past, Partial, Present
Maria Stenfors, London
A conversation about the potentiality of partial and subjective histories and narratives with; Gavin Wade, artist and curator and founding director of Eastside Projects, Birmingham. His recent projects include Narrative Show, a five act exhibition; Uriel Orlow, an artist known for his multi-media installations that take specific locations and events as starting points. His work is being exhibited at the Swiss Pavilion/54th Venice Bienniale; Dr. Emily Mark Fitzgerald, a lecturer at University College Dublin. She publishes and speaks on the subjects of public art, memory and commemoration, and contemporary art; Michelle Deignan, artist and founder of Moody a nomadic curatorial project that configures interpretations and notions of deflection, through exhibitions, screenings and events.

Side Story
Maria Stenfors, London
A screening of artists' moving image works, that consider what happens on the edge of a semi-fictional universe.
Kejev House, 3 min. loop x 2, Annie Davey, 2010.
Figures (Some analogies surveyed, and organized into concrete poetry and conceptual film forms, on dates between 2001 - 2011), 9 mins, Gerard Byrne, 2001 - 2011.
Portrait over 30m, 2 mins, Alexandra Navratil, 2010.
La Décision Doypack , 27 mins, Paul Rooney, 2008.
Actor, 10 mins, Michael Mazière, 2010.