Five Years
From 2007 - 2010 Michelle Deignan was one of thirteen artists who programmed exhibitions at Five Years, artist run project space in Regent Studios, Hackney, London.

Rather than acting as a 'curatorial' entity, the thirteen artists developed exhibitions based around concerns emerging from their own work. This creating projects which initiated a varied and engaging dialogue. Michelle Deignan curated three seperate exhibitions:

Noble Intent


"Noble Intent" is an hour-long programme of film and video works by international artist’s. Describing conditions of dislocation and mis-communication, the works in this programme both employ and disrupt pathos, romanticism and the aesthetics of sincerity. Flirting with the character of the romantic outsider, they display attitudes of resistance as they interrogate the inevitable disparity between personal experience and global integration. This programme features work by Cormac Browne, Anita Di Bianco, Michelle Deignan, David Ferrando Giraut, Uriel Orlow, Rachel Reupke, Paul Rooney, Naoko Takahashi, Myriam Thyes and Ming Wong.

Does God Live In The No-Fly Zone


A photographic and sound installation by SE Barnet and The KIT Collaboration examining the zoned, nationalised and policed space above us. Their images capture the act of looking up into the nationalized sky, a space of covert restrictions, surveillance, threat and anxiety. These photographs of restricted airspace above government buildings in cities such as London, Berlin, Paris and Moscow are accompanied by 'Symphony for No Fly Zones', a twelve hour audio work fusing layers of multiple national anthems, slowed and transformed into a textured sonic universe.

Present State


Present State featured works by artists Jasmina Cibic and Pete Moss. Both artists' practices foreground infiltration as an artistic strategy, creating photographic and video works which playfully re-configure existing apparatuses of authority, in the creation of the artists' own counter myths.